Marriott’s concept lab for incubating entrepreneurial food and drink ideas.


Are you ready to run your own spot? Have you spent late-nights recipe testing, researching, and eagerly planning for the day when someday you’d have your own place? Do you start sentences with “As soon as I find the right space …” or “If only I had a little more money saved …”

If so, and if you have the entrepreneurial chops to get things done, then CANVAS, our hotel-based concept lab, is just for you. Pitch your food or drink concept, and you could be selected to incubate your idea in one of our hotels, receive startup money, and get professional advice from Marriott to realize your ambitions.

The space is ready-to-build, and our expert team of designers will work with your ideas to help realize a space that supports your vision. Let us help you test your restaurant chops and get your idea off the ground.